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Not bound by limitations of creativity or originality, but adhering to the basic elements of dance and beyond, our artists create the best underground music that is both listenable and danceable . . . In other words, it's easy on the ears and devastating on the dancefloor!

Past, Present and Future = Digital Vinyl.

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​We've been making the WMC Sobe pilgrimage for 25 years and if you know where to look, it still has that special music magic that brought us here in the first place!

This year we are bringing that magic music nostalgia to you in the form of our past, present and future artists features. We have music from some of Sobe's OGs like AD Cruze & CRX (aka The L.I.M. Project) and trax from the currently hot hands of Ancient Deep & Philly G, as well as a taste of the future from Time De'cor and more!

Get ready for the best year yet during this years sun and fun from the DVR Fam...Listen, 'like', share, support...ENJOY!​