DVR will bring you the best of tradition and technology all in one place. Not bound by limitations of creativity or originality, but adhering to the basic elements of dance and beyond, our artists create the best underground music that is both listenable and danceable . . . In other words, it's easy on the ears and devastating on the dancefloor!

Past, Present and Future = Digital Vinyl Recordings

Feel free to enjoy the music to the fullest...but PLEASE support the artists and DJs...Get your friends to buy a copy, not copy/download yours! PEACE!

How R U?

It's been a while since updating the site or releasing any music and a lot of crazy sh*t has happened...especially since 2020 (we don't need to tell you about that), but we do hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

2024 marks the 20th anniversary of DVR and we are excited to bring back some of our biggest and best tunes for the occasion. Part 1 will include a collection of updated memories from the last 113 releases and Part 2 will include 2024 remixes from the last 20 years...Stay Tuned!

What's Next!

After losing 30 years worth of music files, dealing with personal and professional 'life' and just plain old loss of interest in the recent state of music during the last few years, we are happy to announce our return!
We will be re-launching DVR w/a focus on the man behind the label and the reason it was all started...CooLRoGRoX (CRX) aka The L.I.M. Project! While our Head Honcho was quiet for a long while, he has recently finished two outside projects that reminded him of his love for music and that love has spawned a bunch of new projects and remixes that bring it back to the dancefloor while still satisfying your earsoul...So, be on the lookout for the return of DVR and our Head Honcho sooner than later!