Coming Soon!

Recent outside projects have rekindled my love for music and I look forward to sharing lots of new stuff and some DVR remixes!

If you would like to follow me and get FREE tracks, check out my SoundCloud and bandcamp pages:

After finishing an old school hip-hop/rock album for Rhyme Skeme's Ollie Twist and an alternative/indie EP for brotherwell, CRX was musically inspired again! As a result of 'extra time' on his hands due to the 2020 pandemic, the ASR-10 made it's way out of storage and many old and new ideas began to take form. Combing thru the archives of music found on the floppy disks used back in the 90's, old tracks were revitalized and unreleased remixes were updated to see the light of day! Some of these revitalized tracks can be found on SoundCloud and bandcamp for FREE! Others will be released on various labels and several will be found right here on Digital Vinyl Recordings...Stay tuned!

Upcoming releases:

TribalBox (DVR)

SwingKidz (House of Rose)

HouseNation (TBA)

ShakeDatAzz (TBA)

Make It Happen (TBA)

From This Gruv (TBA)

and more to come!